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The philosophy behind the d line brand has generated a wide range of products over a period of three decades in co-operation with Knud Holscher Design. Today we offer a total solution concept – from the main entrance to the bathroom.

These products reflect a trend of development characterised by a unique sense of architectural detail and includes a state-of-the-art assortment in a timeless design, with value added through unique and patented mounting principles, service, and quality.
The distinctive character of d line is founded on a conviction that design has to be clean, minimalist and efficient – a principle realised through form, strength and function. The design principles have made d line the range of preference of the world’s most famous architects and designers. Examples are Richard Rogers and Sir Norman Foster.
In Knud Holscher’s own words: “Simple ironmongery is to a building what buttons are to a shirt – both accentuate colour and design qualities when they are elegant, but disturb the unity if they are gaudy”.

  • Hardware
  • Basic hardware
  • Advanced hardware
  • Türdrücker
  • Stoßgriffe
  • Türstopper
  • Fenstergriffe
  • Handlauf-Halter
  • Badbeschläge
  • Türschlösser
  • Bathroom
  • Washroom